Results from Asking my Students What Worked for Them


I had my students fill out an exit ticket of all the things that are working for them in my class. This is what they said. Notice, nobody called me cool.

Multiple essays to enhance essay writing
Taught us how to annotate documents
Uses primary sources
Has us practice with difficult vocabulary so we learn from it
Helps us to write essay to prepare for the CAHSEE
Is teaching us how to write a research paper
Teaching us how to annotate documents so we are prepared for PAUSH
Helps us with our writing skills
Shows us how a country/government runs
Shows us how to tell if something is propaganda
Tells us we need to use credible evidence with our arguments
Gives us support in this and other classes
We take notes
We look at lectures
She helps us a lot on our essays
We watch video clips
She works with us to understand topics.
Spends one-on-one time when needed
Treats us with respect yet also treats us like young adults
Believes in “us”
Pushes us to the limit, yet pushes us to succeed
Cares for the students
Lets us know when we do good things
Outlines for essays
Not much homework, we already have enough from our other classes
We get to choose our seats
Lots of group work
Teaches well which makes it easy to understand
Gives us time in class to work on things
Makes learning interesting
Gives reliable life examples and experiences
Lets us eat in class
Is more realistic than other teachers
More motivational than other teachers
We have group discussions
We have class debates
She ties things into modern issues
She makes sure we are comfortable
She uses a lot of vides and resources and FUN!
She gives us opportunities to do make-up on essays
She’s kind but very direct and patient
She makes learning very fun
She makes us feel comfortable
She teaches assignments in fun and intuitive ways
Doesn’t force certain ways of thinking that almost all teachers good or bad do here which is bad for students, instead lets us for our own opinion which makes education fun
Is constantly pushing us toward success which includes one-on-one time, help in all subjects, and even help on critical thinking skills
Teaches us how to shorten long passages
Is very descriptive and detailed when teaching
Helps us to understand history in another way
You make sure we understand the work
You believe in us
Never say no to helping
Very supportive
Makes sure we are ok in our daily lives
Helps s get work done in class so we don’t have too much to do at home
Connects with the class
Really energetic
Knows what she is talking about
Can relate with some stuff
Group Assignments
She taught us how to source and it actually helped on the CAHSEE Prompt
She taught us how to write an essay
She gives more freedom than anyone else, she lets us work in groups
She leaves us thinking
She doesn’t teach history, for she teaches us how to use our minds and question things and how to think critically.
She makes it soooo easy to get help
She doesn’t just wish us luck on our assignments but she gives us help
She understands us.
She shows good historical movies
Inspires us to challenge ourselves
Takes time to help us individually
Teaches us how to write proper essays
Prepares us for standardized tests
Understands individual needs
Makes sure everyone is heard
Gives us notes that are brief and get the point across
She trusts us that we will get our work done
She provides us with documents that are very helpful when writing essays
Her lectures are short but filled with everything we need
Whenever we need her to elaborate on anything we just ask.
She lets us use our phones to look things up and do work
She lets us listen to music.
We do a fair amount of writing that helped us make a well constructed 5 paragraph essay
We have intellectual discussions
We look at multiple sources to distinguish evidence
She teaches us how to think on our own.

“Ms. Charles is such a sweet lady who dedicates time to help us achieve whatever we do in her classroom. Ms. Charles understands that I have anxiety and she works with me so I don’t get behind in classwork. Ms. Charles also makes her classroom feel like a home. I feel very comfortable in her classroom because she doesn’t put pressure on us. She always motivates my classmates and I to always try our best and never give up. I love Ms. Charles and I think other teachers should be like her or follow some of her classroom expectations.”

“The things that have helped me a lot have been the one on one talks and how you teach, you give us a lot of work and you help us through it and explain thoroughly. I don’t really get help like this in other classes.”

“Ms. Charles is a very sweet lady. She cares about her students as if they were her own kids. She makes the classroom feel very welcoming.”

“Ms. Charles is awesome!! The way she teaches is better than any other teacher, she gives us powerpoints, videos, and she explains everything in words we understand. She uses video clips and taught us how to take notes in our own words. She lets us share our perspective, makes topics interesting, she uses thing that happen now and compares them to history. She treats us with respect and gives us equality in the classroom and trusts us to get things done and we do because we have equality and we all look up to her and have respect for her. “


2 comments on “Results from Asking my Students What Worked for Them”

  1. Wow, very excellent. Teaching is all about the students and by this evidence you are a true teacher. Please write more In your blog to guide me toward helping students to be as happy and successful as you have made these students. Also, consider writing a book. Thank you


    1. Susan! Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I just got married/am moving and it’s been a lot of transitions. Thank you! This is so kind to hear. I have a book in second draft form now… someday I hope it’ll be a final draft.


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