A Short, Noncomprehensive List of Taboo Jokes that I Find Funny

Recently, someone mistook me for a fascist and questioned whether or not my social justice values somehow were mutually exclusive with having a sense of humor. I find this to be a disgusting allegation that I refuse to stand for, so I present to you an bibliography of  just some of the jokes about race/gender/sexuality etc that I find funny.


Carlin breaks it all down for us

Louis CK explains white privilege

Paul Mooney educates the people

Key and Peele demonstrate the absurdity of Nazis

Key and Peele educate the masses

A PSA on assumptions and stereotypes from Key and Peele

Louis CK explains how real the struggle is

Amy Shumer and gangbang philosophy

Amy Shumer makes domestic violence funny

Monique, just generally being amazing

Basically the entire South Park collection but especially the last few seasons

Jessica Williams breaks down catcalling


I hope we’ve all learned an important lesson today. You can be funny without being an asshole. You can support social justice without banning speech, which is just being a different kind of asshole.