Solutions to the Voting Problems

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I’m so unbelievably sick of arguing with people about who is responsible for the voting problems during this election season. You know who is responsible? All of us. All of the adults are responsible. I didn’t say all of the adults created the mess; I just said that all of us are responsible for standing up and fixing it. I don’t care who started it. I don’t care about how it makes you feel that people want to blame you. All I care about IS THAT OUR CITIZENS GET THE RIGHTS AFFORDED TO THEM BY THEIR CITIZENSHIP IN THE SOCIAL CONTRACT KNOWN AS THE CONSTITUTION. So there, do you feel better now? It’s not your fault. It is your responsibility and there are some things can be done about it.


  • Please for the love of God, report irregularities.
    1. First step to solving a problem is knowing about it. We need the data to call our the people doing this. Report them to local media and your county voting official. I would also report them to whichever campaign you support.



  • Make your congressperson restore the voting right’s act
    1. In 2013, our Supreme Court made the egregiously foolish decision to lift the oversight included in the voting right’s act for states that had a “history” of problems with trying to stop minorities from voting. Those states promptly and gleefully voted in voter ID laws. The Supreme Court was right about one thing though and that’s that congress can fix this by restoring new requirements for that oversight. I suggest maybe applying it to ALL the states. Because really none of them have a great track record on this front. Put pressure on your elected officials to fix this problem. Find your rep here:


  • Help other people vote
    1. It used to be that real progressive people with resources would help other people without resources vote. You can help by educating people, providing transportation to the polls, and canvassing to get out the vote. Call on your party to do voter registration drives (neither one is really doing this) and support get out the vote organizations and groups.


  • Demand better voting equipment
    1. I wrote AN ENTIRE BOOK on my phone and yet, we can’t get voting machines right. It’s disturbing. And techies? Want to be really disruptive? Get. On. That. Shit.


  • Volunteer to work elections
    1. It’s actually a massive, human task to run these elections. If you have the means and ability, volunteer to help at elections. Not only will you be helping by putting the work in, you will also help provide the accountability when things like voter intimidation occur.

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