Sanders is Right and You NEED to get Over Yourselves

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I’m going to concisely state who the Trump voters were, since exit polls and data are apparently only useful when we aren’t making a rhetorical point that feeds our ego.
1) Trump didn’t get anymore Republican voters than Romney did, except he got a higher share of MINORITY voters than Romney. Trump had vocal nonwhite supporters like, Diamond and Silk.
This means that not all Trump supporters are white. And if you believe that all Trump supporters hate immigrants, it also means that people of color can hate immigrants too. Which is totally possible, because they are human beings who have different experiences and perspectives and don’t all think alike in some magical hive mind. Not all Trump supporters voted against immigrants, by the way. Some of them felt they were voting against Hilary Clinton’s foreign policy, among other things. You would know this if you asked them. It’s April, so you are out of excuses.
2) Some people crossed over, like 20 percent of Democratically aligned men. But also the folks that didn’t like us for many solid reasons.
In case you need to hear it from a white man with degrees in a respectable publication, here’s one of the great sociologists breaking it down for you.
This is ALWAYS the reason the Democrats lose the elections they lose. This was not unusual and it wasn’t unpredictable.
3) If you think the Trump supporters are the only racists and sexists in this country, I have very bad news for you: I got hit on recently while my husband was in the room and in a meeting for an organization that serves sex trafficking victims. The person knew I was a sex trafficking victim, too. So if you think the only people in this country that have issues they need to work on are the people who voted for Trump, you live in a much nicer world than the one I live in.
Damn near everyone I’ve ever met in this country is bigoted in some regard or another.
Sanders is right, we should treat the Trump supporters like human beings. Not because they were poor (THEY WEREN’T) but because we live in this country with them and people in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stones.

Get over yourselves. We have too many problems for you to be sitting around patting yourselves on the back. If you need help figuring out what is more important, I’ll be happy to provide you with a list.


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