Many things have been said about me.

For example, my best friend in college once described me as, “nothing, if not efficient.”

Once in graduate school, I got in a fight with a male feminist who was angry that I was concerned about my male student’s performance.

He backed down because he’s a bitch.

My favorite grandmother once rode a motorcycle through Prague while the Iron Curtain was still down.

When she died, she decided I was the only one badass enough to wear her clothes.

My nephew is part Chocktaw, Mexican, Indonesian, Black and White and I guarantee he is more man than you.

Before I went to Stanford, they pretended there were no poor people. So I created the First Generation, Low Income Partnership which represented students across all races. Not a single protest was used, and my work is now being studied.

All of my students completed their final projects even though I was out for the last month of school due to an injury.


In college, an antifa style leftist and social justice warrior came to a performance I gave of monologues written by poor students on campus and asked me if I was engaging in class warfare.

I didn’t know we had a truce.

A leftist demanded a trigger warning from me once.

To which I responded, “no one gave me a trigger warning when they held a gun to my head.”

I am not a Communist, but I do feel like we’d have a better food distribution network if the tech people spent a little less time making apps to avoid talking to their maids and a little more time thinking about that issue.

Pol Pot was a murdering bitch because he didn’t listen to the people, like all Communists who don’t believe in free speech.