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Episode 4: Don’t be scared of these douchebags and assholes

Check out my episode “Episode 4: Dehumanization: Don’t be scared!” from WithLoveFromRebelAllianceFiresideChats on Anchor: https://anchor.fm/withloverebel/episodes/Episode-4-Dehumanization-Dont-be-scared-e24dje Advertisements

How Mobilizing the Poor Might Have Changed the Election

The left is trying to figure out how we lost this election to Trump, and it is a worthy and important question. The most common reason that has been proposed is that working class whites voted for Trump because they are racist, but there are several problems with that argument, and it’s reflective of the

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Why the Working Classes Hate the Left

I’m conducting a funeral tomorrow. Another poor white person who died sooner than they should have. Don’t send me any condolences or words of praise for what a good friend I am for doing this. It’s my best friend’s dad and she didn’t know him. She describes learning how much she looked like him, she

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About Those “Working Class Whites”

Note: all of the data I cite is coming from exit polls that you can find here: http://www.cnn.com/election/results/exit-polls. Now you can go do your own homework. You’re welcome Trump was elected President, which was no surprise to me because I haven’t lived in a magical fantasyland full of non-sexist and non-racist people and I’m also not

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Why I hate all of our discussions about the police

I’ve been a little bit frustrated by the discussion around police action. Mainly, I’m frustrated because people seem to believe that there is no possible way that the police could learn not to do what they’ve been doing and also because we treat police brutality as if it’s not everyone’s problem. So first, I want

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The Narrative We Hide: Being A Poor White Girl from the “Hood”

Earlier this week, for about the millionth time someone called me racist in a conversation in which I said I was angry about police violence and racism in the schools because I watched everyone I loved and knew go through it. Then the articles started circulating about how white people can be an ally. “Speak

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