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I Know How We Lose Good People

  During my senior year, I had three deaths in the family in two months. We had two suicide attempts among my close friends. I directed and performed the precursor to Class Confessions, wrote FLIP’s constitution, participated and spoke at rallies and programs, and advocated for mental health care services for the poor on campus,

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How I Learned to Talk to Anyone, Including Ann Coulter Loving Conservatives

My Grandma Amanda was the baddest bitch I’ve ever known. She crawled out of  a brutal depression poverty. She rode on a motorcycle through Prague when the Iron Curtain still divided Europe. She divorced her philandering husband when this was still a radical act for women in the 70s. She became a single mother and

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There is NO Excuse for Being a Douche- A Cheeky Title for a Serious Thought

“Heather, you have to remember that everyone around you is wounded and suffering.” “So am I and I don’t treat people like shit.” “Yeah, but not everyone’s brain works like yours.” I have a firm and deep commitment to the belief that nothing justifies treating each other poorly. In fact, I believe that if humanity

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