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If You Fail Kids, That’s on You. Here’s Some Ways to Prevent it

“Ms. Charles won’t let people fail.” As a teacher, I had a virtually unheard of pass rate and my sophomores were also doing research and reading primary source material daily,  and they also wrote daily. I worked at a comprehensive, large, integrated public school. About two thirds of my students are ELL and a little

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Episode 6: Some thoughts on decreasing polarization

Check out my episode “Episode 6: How to Talk to Anyone ” from WithLoveFromRebelAllianceFiresideChats on Anchor: https://anchor.fm/withloverebel/episodes/Episode-6-How-to-Talk-to-Anyone-e274ra

Fireside Chats: Agendas and Other Nonsense

Check out my episode “Fireside Chats: Agendas and Other Nonsense” from Heather Charles on Anchor: https://anchor.fm/withloverebel/episodes/Fireside-Chats-Agendas-and-Other-Nonsense-e203rb

Actually Teaching Racism to White People is Kind of Like Teaching Anything to Anyone: Hard as Fuck. Here is Some help from ACTUAL Educators.

I’ve been seeing posts about how hard it is to teach racism to white people. And I just want to validate this: teaching is really hard. Teaching racism is just as hard as teaching anything else, though I’ll take it over teaching math, which is why I was a history teacher and not a math

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Things Teachers Can Do to Make School Less Stressful for Kids

There have been a lot of recent suicides and a lot of talk about how much stress children are under and also how difficult it is for poor children in school. The stress crosses all boundaries, school has become an oppressive nightmare that is harming even privileged children. There are a lot of reasons for

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What is good feedback?

We suck at giving constructive feedback. People tend to either believe constructive means “fixing mistakes” only or only giving nice compliments. Good feedback is neither, good feedback helps people to develop independent processes to improve, it helps them find themselves and understand how to work with their own strengths and weaknesses. Good feedback is not

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The Charter World’s Dirty Little Secret: “Counseling” Kids Out aka Getting Rid of the Kids We Don’t Like

I am very protective of my students. I feel like a Mama Grizzly Bear and I feel like that about all of them. I call them “my kids” and I don’t even want to have my own kids. I love teenagers, I really do. I find something to love, something that is beautiful about each

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